Doug Dahlin

Doug Dahlin AIA

Chairman of the Board

Since founding the firm in 1976, Doug's visionary design leadership has driven growth and diversity for over 40 years. Globally, his pioneering design solutions for community planning and vertical urbanization have produced projects at every scale. As the firm leadership transitions into the future, Doug continues to inspire our design process with a special interest in agriculture as a key component in community open space—vested personally in his working farm in northern California, he is committed to sustainable farming practices.

Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan AIA, LEED® AP


Leading strategic and executive direction for the firm, Nancy is committed to connecting our multi-office teams, our strategic partners and our clients. She is guiding the leadership transition of our diverse firm to an employee-owned company—increasing transparency in business operations with an emphasis on continuous professional development. Providing a platform for thought leadership, education and giving back, DAHLIN is a preferred employer, a connected member of our communities, and a trusted advisor to our clients.

John M. Thatch

John M. Thatch AIA, LEED® AP

Senior Principal - Director of Design

Champion of new thinking and pushing the envelope of design with ideas that create thoughtful, livable and economically viable communities, John paced himself early to lead design excellence into the future. He is a passionate creative who thrives on the opportunity to design at a variety of scales for a variety of project types. He is known for challenging each project team to develop the most innovative and economically viable solutions, engaging frequently in design brainstorms.

Lauri Moffet-Fehlberg

Lauri Moffet-Fehlberg AIA, LEED® AP

Senior Principal - Senior Architect

Whether it is her own studio, designed in a contemporary rural vernacular in Montana, or a mixed-use village on the West Coast, Lauri focuses on the integration of art, architecture, urban design and context to craft a unique sense of place. She stewards the environmental conscience of DAHLIN to understand and meet the challenges every project must overcome to be truly sustainable. Lauri's work, extending the length of the U.S. West Coast, shapes the design of our community fabric.

Karl Danielson

Karl Danielson AIA, LEED® AP

Senior Principal - Senior Architect

Karl's architectural career has focused on the most difficult challenges of building type and complexity. He now oversees DAHLIN's performance as a business, focusing on the financial strategy and policy issues that drive a successful architectural firm in international practice. He is recognized as a forward-thinking leader for adopting new technologies to the practice and addressing business challenges from a systems integration approach.

Mark Day

Mark Day AIA, LEED® AP

Senior Principal - Chief Operations Officer

Mark has demonstrated his ability to see the big picture of creating communities in some of the most ambitious and successful master plans in California, Russia and China. His expertise in management has translated into oversight of operations and technology solutions for DAHLIN. His understanding of business context and industry change involves him in strategic decision-making that creates sustainable business growth and impact.

Glen Simmons

Glen Simmons AIA, LEED® AP

Senior Principal - Senior Architect

Project delivery is the capstone of a successful architectural practice. With over 30 years of experience in architectural design, project management and construction administration for large projects, Glen has led our teams in developing award-winning designs with successful project execution. He ensures that DAHLIN is continually recognized for effective project delivery—which combines rigorous quality control, current and consistent standards and practices, and contract and project management capabilities with our state-of-the-art technology.

Kurt Donnelly

Kurt Donnelly AIA

Senior Principal - Senior Architect

There is a story behind every place—a story derived from history, culture and experience. As an architect immersed in design, Kurt believes these stories contribute character and soul to the built environment. Whether he is working close to home or across the globe, Kurt absorbs and understands the context of a place before he starts thinking inside the walls. His 30+ years of experience has produced award-winning communities throughout California and many provinces in China.

Mario Aiello

Mario Aiello

Senior Principal - Senior Architect

Mario is a master architect and artisan of contemporary design. He defines the character of a place, a building, a landscape, through the composition of exquisite detailing—translated from a piece of jewelry into a motif for a canopy, the color of a Parisian vase into an accent wall, or nature embodied within the structural design of a building. He is the recipient of prestigious design awards, including AIA's Custom Residence National Award, and is a published designer in magazines.

Gregor Markel

Gregor Markel AIA, LEED® AP

Senior Principal - Senior Architect

Gregor has perfected his craft working with clients and contractors to help shape places we live, work, shop, recreate, care, protect and worship. His diverse background allows him to lead project teams undertaking a wide variety of types and styles of architectural projects. "Our project approach is to craft a unique solution for each client, one that should be functional, creative, environmentally sound, and will meet the client's timeline and budget expectations."

Donald J. Ruthroff

Donald J. Ruthroff AIA

Principal - Senior Architect

As a leader of the firm's neighborhood residential sector, Don has worked in densities ranging up to 40 dwelling units per acre. He works with a mix of public and private homebuilder clients, as well as landowners and developers. With training in both structural engineering and architecture, Don's work benefits from his well-rounded breadth of expertise. A distinguished industry leader, he is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences on the latest design trends, and to judge industry awards programs.


Andrew "Jack" Gallagher AIA, LEED® AP

Managing Principal - San Diego Office

Jack's experience encompasses designing, detailing and managing a variety of commercial, custom home, and complex residential mixed-use projects. As managing principal of the San Diego office, he maintains conscientious oversight of the design process and staff development. His background is enriched by his travels to over 50 countries across six continents, experiencing a diversity of architectural styles and placemaking solutions. Jack's philosophy bases every endeavor in architecture on a Big Idea. A passion for pursuing your Big Idea to the end, despite obstacles and avoiding complacency, yields success.

Anthony E.

Anthony E. "Tony" Radovich AIA

Managing Principal - Bellevue Office

Tony brings a creative passion for residential work and has designed a variety of residential building types in both the U.S. and China. As managing principal of DAHLIN's Bellevue office, he has built an extensive body of work in the Pacific Northwest, bringing a renewed emphasis on both plan and elevation design. In recent years, Tony has designed a number of well-received, cutting edge, single-family and low-density contemporary homes, which point the way to a new residential aesthetic.

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez AIA

Principal - Senior Architect

Bob is known as a notable expert in the healthcare and education design realm to which he has dedicated his career. A proficient problem solver and quality control expert, he maintains excellent working relationships with OSHPD and DSA personnel that set apart the quality of service he delivers to our clients. As a principal, he is passionate about developing staff with the same dedication to design that makes a positive impact on students and faculty and patients and healthcare professionals while providing responsive professional service that stresses continuity, reliability, and performance.