Classics at Centennial Place

  • Redwood City, California
  • Classic Communities

At the heart of Silicon Valley, Classics at Centennial Place is an unconventional housing solution that takes advantage of higher density land prices to offer high-tech buyers unique single-family homes within downtown Redwood and walking distance of transit.

The homes are built over a concrete podium with underground parking, achieving a density of 34.6 dwelling units per acre. An internal urban courtyard is shared by 18 homes each with its own additional private patio. The project maintains a compatible neighborhood scale, and porches for homes along the streetscape are raised slightly to provide a little separation and privacy from the public realm.

Project Specs

Site Area:0.5 acre
Building Area:1,427-2,056 sqft plans
Number of Units:18
Density/FAR:34.6 du/ac


2016 BALA Silver Award, Detached Home up to 2,000 sqft, Built for Sale
2015 The Nationals Silver Award, On-the-Boards Community
2014 Gold Nugget Merit Award, On-the-Boards Multifamily Community, under 100 du/ac

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