Dawson Square

  • Bothell, Washington
  • Toll Brothers

An assessment of Downtown Bothell's town core at the start of revitalization efforts in 2010, determined insufficient housing within its existing urban fabric.

Dawson Square is a new luxury townhome project located within the town core at the end of a newly re-aligned Main Street, and adjacent to the Bothell Library. It responds to the lack of housing variety and density to support an active commercial core by introducing in-town living with three-story attached townhomes, each with four bedrooms and a two-car garage. The unique northwest contemporary building architecture with front doors and balconies turned onto the street, also contribute to the pedestrian-friendly neighborhood character and charm of Downtown Bothell.

Project Specs

Site Area:2.1 acres
Building Area:2,048-2,097 sqft plans
Number of Units:45 townhomes
Density/FAR:21.4 du/ac


2019 The Nationals Silver Award, Best Multifamily Model Home
2018 The New Home Council Tribute Award, Community of the Year
2018 The New Home Council Tribute Award, Best Product Design of a Multifamily Home, 1,500-2,500 sqft

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