Dongguan Clubhouse

  • Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Poly Dongguan Investment

Dongguan Clubhouse is an architecturally elegant community retreat that responds in design to its Southern China location's tropical climate.

Integrating a palette of wood and stone along with metal and glass details, the design expresses the best in modern luxury with the comfort and romance of classic materials. Expansive cruciform gable roofs provide shade and unify the indoor and outdoor spaces of this 1,394-square-meter clubhouse. Layered ceilings and a rhythm of flybeams articulate the roof form and create an adventurous second floor built into the roof structure.

Project Specs

Site Area:0.8 hectare
Building Area:1,394 sqm


2015 Gold Nugget Merit Award, International Commercial & Special Use Project

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