• Milpitas, California
  • SDG Consulting + Taylor Morrison

Located down the street from Milpitas City Hall, Prynt is an infill development introducing a fresh contemporary architectural style that reflects the new spirit of its neighborhood context and residents.

Prynt’s townhomes provide adaptable live/work spaces that offer flexibility and living convenience. These live/work spaces and spacious two-car garages on the ground floor facilitate easy access from the street along South Milpitas Boulevard, while traditional living spaces are on the two upper floors. Every home is slightly different, providing interesting variety to the building and fostering a creative living and working atmosphere. Homes also feature raised patios and planters at the entry, separating the building from the sidewalk and completing its modern appearance and curb appeal. The large windows offer plenty of natural light and the openness of the floor plans allows for flexible configurations per the needs and lifestyle of each resident.

Project Specs

Site Area:1.3 acres
Building Area:1,944-3,136 sqft plans
Number of Units:25 townhomes
Density/FAR:19.2 du/ac

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