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"The innovation, creativity and design are the WOW factor. What was accomplished in the lobby, restaurant, outdoor patio and public areas equate to a knockout end product driven by a creative design approach with functionality."

-- Pat O'Brien, Leisure Sports, Inc., Chief Financial Officer

A high intensity spin class before a difficult meeting to relax the mind. A noon kick-board relay race with your team to rejuvenate you before the afternoon brainstorming session and all-nighter that often follows. A low impact aerobics session with killer music to get the blood flowing after your seven-hour flight and before enjoying a casual dinner around the outdoor fire trough. These were some of the scenarios that created the vision for Renaissance ClubSport.

A new brand concept was created for Marriott and Leisure Sports, Inc., where a Renaissance hotel and a full-service private athletic club could pair harmoniously within business parks. Hotel guests have use of all the fitness facilities and club members take advantage of both casual and fine dining facilities, plus discounted use of hotel rooms, meeting, and banquet space for business associates and family.

In after stay survey's conducted by Marriott for "intent to return," these properties have scored higher than all of their other properties. Several properties are currently designed, two are completed and operational, and a third was approved in Menlo Park for their new Menlo Gateway office complex.

Project Specs

Building Area:255,435 sqft
Number of Units:174 rooms

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