Vacaville Residential Development Standards Update

  • Vacaville, California
  • City of Vacaville

Adopted in 2019, Vacaville’s updated Residential Development Standards incorporates a comprehensive, proactive and forward-thinking standards and guidelines that will mold into contemporary planning methods as development trends change.

The City of Vacaville Residential Development Standards update is a key component to guiding future residential development in a forward-thinking manner while building on the small-town character of the City. The project involved an extensive public outreach component, which brought the ideas and interests of city staff, stakeholders, and residents together to create development standards that will be beneficial on a community-wide basis.

The development standards and guidelines are flexible enough to allow for a wide range of housing types while keeping the goal of reducing the amount of exemptions, making the approval process more streamlined and efficient. The standards are created as a framework of regulations that are well thought out, legible, and easy to interpret and implement. Graphics are used heavily to make it easier to understand what is being required and to eliminate confusion. The standards will enable the City to grow as the demand for housing increases while maintaining the rich sense of community that Vacaville is recognized for.

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