Waters Technology Park

  • San Mateo, California
  • Strada Investment Group

Redevelopment of Waters Technology Park envisions the business park property originally built in 1979, as an ideal opportunity for residential uses to tackle the local housing deficit plaguing the San Francisco Peninsula.

This 11.1-acre property sits creek adjacent and neighbors single-family homes near the junction of two freeways. Residential surroundings and convenient access to transit and job markets, present an ideal opportunity for the conversion from an office park to residential neighborhood. The location also benefits from being a stop on the free bus routes to the CalTrain stations two miles away.

The redevelopment envisions 190 new residences, mixing two-story detached homes with three- to four-story townhomes and flats. The detached homes mirror the existing single-family neighbors along the project boundary with a 15-foot setback, while the interior property area includes three- to four-story townhomes and flats that surround a central community park, play area, and communal garden. A new trail along Borel Creek enhances the project by activating an inaccessible 1,000-foot stretch into a trail with new hardscape, seating, and native plants ending at a new dog park.

The collaboration between DAHLIN, the project team and city staff was key to the design and entitlement strategy of the property. The entitlement process to allow residential redevelopment of the existing office park required a General Plan Amendment and zoning reclassification, followed by an amendment to the Building Height Plan to allow four-story development on-site. Small lot single-family residential development required deviations from typical zoning standards and architectural review. The resulting variety of building massing and home styles creates a unique sense of place within the site and provides multiple choices for buyers. The project also meets a 10 percent affordable unit requirement.


Entitlement Processing

A formal Planning Application was submitted for Waters Technology Park. Required entitlements included:

-- General Plan Amendment - Land Use Plan to allow residential land use (from Executive Office to Medium Density Multi-Family);
-- General Plan Amendment - Building Height Plan to allow an increase in height (from 35 feet to 45 feet to be consistent with the zoning classification);
-- Site Plan and Architectural Review (SPAR) for construction of 190 residential units and associated common area;
-- Site Development Planning Application (SDPA) for major grading and removal of landscaping and trees;
-- Vesting Tentative Map for subdivision of land for small lot single-family residential and condominium map for multifamily residential buildings; and
-- Zoning Reclassification from E1 Executive Park to R3 Multiple Family Dwellings - Medium Density.

Project Specs

Site Area:11.1 acres
Building Area:434,885 sqft (gross)
Number of Units:190
Density/FAR:17.1 du/ac


2019 Gold Nugget Merit Award, Best On-the-Boards Site Plan

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