Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan

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Adopted in 2016, the Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan completes the confluence in Roseville’s regional road system strategically forming the northwest edge of the City. Founding Community Design Principles shape the physical community form and development pattern with the influence of the City’s Guiding Principles for new development, Blueprint Principles and the Growth Management Visioning Committee’s vision.

Amoruso Ranch creates a livable community where housing, recreation, education, retail, and employment opportunities are integrated into an urban village. This village is envisioned as a contemporary version of a small walkable town. Key components include pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streets, open space connections, and vistas to important community focal points. Integrating land uses that give the feeling of “development over time,” public spaces such as plazas, urban parks, linear parks, and pedestrian linkages are the primary form-giving features that create the framework and personality of the walkable urban village. 160 acres have been dedicated to parks and open space; 135 of which have been set aside as open space preserve.

A mix of residential housing from low to high densities will provide housing diversity and choice. Community supporting institutional and municipal uses including a 9.6-acre elementary school and three-acre fire station as well as three commercial parcels totaling 51 acres, will create an integrated healthy mix of uses that promote community and sense of gathering.

Project Specs

Site Area:694 acres
Number of Units:3,027

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