Bellevue Club Hotel Renovation

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  • Bellevue Club Hotel

Branded as the “premier athletic and social club on Seattle’s eastside,” The Bellevue Club Hotel delivers the comforts of stay within a club experience committed to health and wellness.

This boutique hotel serves an upscale client base in the heart of downtown Bellevue, combining 250,000 square feet of fitness, four unique dining venues, and a 66-room boutique hotel.

The first phase of the project was to provide a long overdue update to all of the guest rooms and suites within the hotel. The desire was to modernize the rooms, integrating materials such as hardwood flooring, upscale area carpeting, exposed natural metals, and a live wood-edged desk that captures the look and feel of the Northwest spirit. Upgrades were made to the entry doors, hardware, and technology throughout the space. Upgrades in the first phase also included the common area hallways, light fixtures, signage, and other public spaces within the guestroom tower.

The rooms were modeled in 3D with enhanced visualization graphics to illustrate how the renovation would ultimately look. The proposed new furniture, finishes, fixtures, accessories, and artwork were modeled to faithfully illustrate the design selections made, in order to deliver an image of the finished project for walk and review before the construction documents commenced.

Project Specs

Building Area:45,406 sqft renovation
Number of Units:66 rooms

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