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In 2005 a District Office Master Plan Study was conducted to review current and future support staff space needs. Since that time the Dublin Unified School District has experienced significant growth and some staff increases to meet the needs of increased enrollment.

The Board of Trustees authorized preparation of the District Office Space Plan in May of 2015 to study three areas: (1) an update of the 2005 Space Plan functions; (2) a facilities assessment, potential space plan, and order of magnitude cost to keep the District Office in its current location; and (3) a potential plan including an order of magnitude cost to relocate the District Office to the City of Dublin Public Services Complex. Upon further review of the public services building, it was determined by the City that this option is no longer available.

The District Office Space Plan focused on the first two study areas. Detailed program meetings and site review were conducted to update the existing conditions assessment. Detailed information was also prepared with regard to potential future District Office needs. The data from the District Office Space Plan will be used to identify additional options available to meet District growth needs for administrative space either at the current location or at another location. Identifying the current uses and developing potential future needs was key to formulating options and assessing their viability per each of the main buildings and support structures. Prototype space layouts for conference rooms, open offices, and private offices were also delivered to demonstrate physical space planning approaches.

Project Specs

Building Area:35,343 sqft

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