Misiõn Lago

  • Thonotosassa, Florida
  • Private Client

A love for Santa Barbara-styled haciendas, this Florida estate is perched 40 feet above a freshwater lake, east of Tampa.

The legacy home steps gracefully down the hillside to take advantage of the natural views and Florida's gentle winters, while the design allows for large family functions and local charity events. The arched gateway opens into a large entry courtyard that opens many rooms to light, waterscapes and air. Together the family enjoys movies in a large theater crafted by artisans to replicate the local historic Tampa Theater.

Project Specs

Site Area:8.5 acres
Building Area:21,044 sqft


2014 The Nationals Gold Award, Best Architectural Design of a One-of-a-Kind Home
2013 Professional Builder Gold Design Award, One-of-a-Kind Custom Home
2013 Grand Aurora Award, Custom Home (One-of-a-Kind) over $3,000,001
2013 Gold Nugget Grand Award, Custom Home 12,000 sqft and over

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