Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch

  • Pleasanton, California
  • Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch is a community of affordable apartments specifically designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

As a part of Irby Ranch, Sunflower Hill is neighbors with the new residential neighborhood The Homestead at Irby Ranch. Its central location creates an inclusive residential environment much like that of a senior living community. The u-shaped, two-story main residential building frames an interior courtyard opposite of a single-story 5,000-square-foot community center. A combination of one- and two-bedroom affordable independent living units are supported by two caregiver rooms and a caregiver breakroom, along with other common building amenities like the lobby and mailroom, laundry facilities and a flexible community room.

The community center will support inspiring programs and activities that will ensure a full and meaningful life for this underserved population. Spaces that include a dining hall, commercial kitchen, multiuse room, exercise room and offices will allow Sunflower Hill to provide health and wellness classes, meal plan service, maker/crafts workshops, and other such community activities and events. The large landscaped interior courtyard is spacious and inviting with seating areas, a sports court and a bocce ball court.

In the July 2018 Tax Credit Allocation Committee funding cycle, Sunflower Hill was ranked as the No. 1 special needs project in the State of California. The commitment, contributions and vision of all involved in this public-private partnership received strong support throughout the community for the good of the community.

Project Specs

Site Area:1.6 acres
Building Area:19,909 sqft
Number of Units:31 apartments
Density/FAR:0.47 FAR

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