Yalong Bay Resort Villas

  • Sanya, Hainan, China
  • Huakai Investment Group

Winner of Gold Nugget's Grand Award, Yalong Bay Resort honors the tropical aesthetic of Hainan Island with a contemporary collection of pavilion-shaped villas.

Arrival to the resort community is via Grand MetroPark Hotel, which serves as concierge and extended amenities for the private villas. Each villa is meticulously sited for privacy and an open flow of indoor/outdoor spaces. The lush landscape and intertwining waterways and pools meet these contemporary pavilions to create a quiet, understated elegance.

Project Specs

Site Area:8.4 hectares
Building Area:93-186 sqm plans
Number of Units:108 villas


2011 Gold Nugget Grand Award, Best International Residential Project, Detached

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