DAHLIN Group Architecture Planning (DAHLIN), a full-service architecture and planning firm, announces the promotions of several leaders across sectors and disciplines, including: Brett Bailey, Emily Bonato, Stephanie Fujimura and Sean Whitacre as principals; and Chris Apostolopoulos, Carol Cole, Gabriela Eaton, Lauren Jessup-Mosu, Padru Kang and Ryan White as directors.

"We are truly proud of this group of professionals—all exceptional representations of DAHLIN's values and principles. Our holistic approach to design begins with a passion for ensuring that there is a place for everyone in our communities and the desire to inspire others to raise the bar for excellence," said DAHLIN President Nancy Keenan. "Now, more than ever, we need new and innovative thinking to ensure environments are healthy, relevant and desirable, and this is a tremendous group of leaders that are paving the way—both for our firm and, most critically, for our clients."


Emily Bonato oversees the strategy and implementation of quality assurance processes that serve to uphold DAHLIN's legacy in design, ensuring DAHLIN drawings are solid and accurate. She mentors firm leaders and teams on the relationship between design and constructability, allowing the entire firm to successfully design and manage complex building typologies.

Brett Bailey and Sean Whitacre are both experts in complex multifamily and mixed-use development, working alongside developers to inform on appropriate and viable product types that achieve specific goals and meet the market's demand at multiple income levels—a challenge they both heed as the industry grapples with finite resources. In tandem, their efforts contribute to DAHLIN's ability to provide exceptional client experiences through raised levels of collaboration and execution methods.

Stephanie Fujimura's leadership enables DAHLIN to keep a finger on the pulse of technological advancements, facilitating the delivery of state-of-the-art solutions that move projects across all sectors forward in an increasingly digital work environment. An expert in institutional and municipal architecture, Fujimura builds on the firm's foundation of providing community-serving facilities for public agencies.


Believing that passion for place® begins with the internal working environment, Gabriela Eaton's promotion to Senior Director of Human Resources elevates the platform for her people-centric emphasis to best business practices that enables DAHLIN to create the best of architecture, promoting human fulfillment and well-being within our communities.

Lauren Jessup-Mosu, a longtime mentor of DAHLIN's junior staff, is now Managing Director of the firm's Bellevue, Wash. office. With an appetite for fostering the growth and development of newer professionals, she leads the firm's vision for the office and its focus on supporting the region's economic growth and vitality.

Chris Apostolopoulos, now Director of Affordable Housing, reinforces the firm's commitment to affordable housing—an area where the region's pre-existing need is exacerbated by the economic impact of the pandemic. He is an expert in the complexities of development and well-versed in the various funding source requirements, mentoring teams and committed to the mission of DAHLIN clients to provide quality housing for our society's vulnerable.

Carol Cole assumes the newly created position of Director of Interior Design, a role aimed at delivering on clients' goals through the integrated design of interior and exterior spaces and elevating the firm's interior offerings across sectors. Under Cole's direction, DAHLIN clients enjoy the aesthetic, efficiency, and economic benefits of a start-to-finish and inside-out approach to projects. While typical interior design planning is initiated well after a project is in development, DAHLIN's interior design group is involved from the very beginning of concept design for a smoother overall process that expedites development and minimizes redesign change orders.

Building upon DAHLIN's nearly 45-year legacy of inspirational design, Padru Kang and Ryan White have each been promoted to Directors of Design. Kang's zeal for motivating and encouraging greatness within his teams has positioned him as one of the firm's integral mentors, bringing up the next generation of leaders pushing design to the next level. White's approach to successful projects involves application of research-based concepts, including an R&D effort in the Southern California region that has led to innovation in the architecture of building types that is moving design forward, while passing the test of market demands.

About DAHLIN Group Architecture Planning

DAHLIN is a diverse architecture and planning practice of 150+ multicultural professionals who share a Passion for Place®. The firm works with developers, municipalities and private clients, focusing on numerous sectors including healthcare, senior living, civic markets and affordable housing. Since 1976, DAHLIN has been committed to excellence in design—best demonstrated through long-term client relationships and award-winning, financially successful and sustainable design solutions. The firm maintains offices in Pleasanton, San Diego, Irvine, and Oakland, California; Bellevue, Washington; and Beijing and Shanghai, China. Visit: www.dahlingroup.com.