Chengdu International Seniors Community

  • Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • CPIC

As part of a master integrated medical and healthcare vision, Chengdu International Seniors Community supports the concept of aging in place by creating a seniors community where multigenerational living is embraced and supported by a balance of medical care, business and commercial activity.

The community is physically separated by a master plan collector road, creating two distinct phases acknowledged as the East and West campuses. West Campus (Phase I) supports the grand entry square and bazaar with a cultural merchant street named Kuanzhai Alley below, and a mix of independent senior living housing and skilled nursing facilities with an onsite medical center. Reminiscent of a local Sichuan cultural street with tea houses, mahjong parlors, small supermarkets and Chinese medicine shops, Kuanzhai Alley is a bustling corridor of merchant exchanges and dining pleasures.

An elevated connection bridges the two urban blocks over a large central park, connecting both East and West campuses of the seniors community. Extending into an elevated private terrace with overlooking, independent senior housing and guest/family stay residential towers, the East Campus (Phase II) also supports a wellness center providing health services including physical therapy, nutrionist, spa treatment, and other facility space for social clubs and community gathering. Community dining facilities, fitness center, and a senior university fostering lifelong learning are spread throughout the community at the ground and lower levels to cultivate an active living environment that supports aging in place. Because the separation of public and private realms for senior resident safety and security was a primary concern, sky lobbies on both sides of the campus provide a vertical core to separate and access the public and private open space areas of the community.

Project Specs

Site Area:3.4 hectares
Building Area:105,580 sqm
Number of Units:2,000 apartments, 3,022 beds


2019 Gold Nugget Grand Award, Best International On-the-Boards Project, Commercial and Residential

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