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At the intersection of People, Plants and Place, Indigo is a new community with a foundational connection to agriculture, built around a human-scale working farm and pasture.

The master plan for this agrihood mixed-use development is a collaboration of a multifaceted team: Meristem Communities, Rochester Development, DAHLIN, Segments LLC, CultivateLAND, and Hearth Agency. It is comprised of the following core components:

  • The Barn featuring café and market operations will be a multipurpose space, easily transformed so families can gather, clubs can meet, and epic parties can be thrown.
  • Numerous community parks will feature multi-levels of play, inspiring artwork, and interactive spaces for children (and the children at heart) to stay all day.
  • Extensive system of hiking, biking, and nature trails will weave throughout the community allowing Indigo families to be their most healthy selves.
  • Approximately 104 acres of open space where every nook and cranny is intentionally programmed to maximize the natural beauty that surround Indigo, and the native Texas plant life will flourish.
  • 42 acres for farm operations and event space including gardens, pasture for livestock, farm education, and chef’s table.
  • Village Core with proposed gathering spaces, retail, office, and commercial space.


The overall Indigo community looks to familiar architectural styles that are abstracted and reinterpreted into forms, shapes, materials, and colors that exude a transitional, modern, and contemporary flair. The transitional design philosophy combines traditional and modern design together into a creative, thoughtful, and attractive composition. This design philosophy plays an important role in facilitating an eclectic mix of architecture, as it allows for contemporary expressions of traditional styles to create a clean, warm, and cohesive aesthetic that appeals to modern sensibility.

Located in Fort Bend County, it is surrounded by the cities of Richmond, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, and Missouri. Situated directly off of State Highway 99, Indigo offers easy access to major employment, arts + entertainment, and commercial hubs in Richmond and neighboring towns. Indigo families will feel removed from the city while living in a close-knit community.

Project Specs

Site Area:233 acres
Building Area:250,000+ sqft mixed-use commercial/retail
Number of Units:800
Density/FAR:3.4 du/ac
Other Notes:42 acres devoted to agriculture


2023 Gold Nugget Merit Award, Unique Residential Housing Solution (Indigo Cottages)
2024 Gold Nugget Grand Award, Best On-the-Boards Site Plan

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