SDUSD School Modernization and Repairs

  • San Diego, California
  • San Diego Unified School District

Projects completed by Rodriguez Park Architecture and Planning

Having worked with the Division of State Architect (DSA), State Fire Marshal (SFM), and other state and local agencies for over 20 years, our familiarity with the codes and regulations related to institutional and educational facilities projects, and our excellent ongoing working relationship with them, has led to the successful processing and construction of hundreds of institutional facility projects throughout California.

As schools are continually faced with student population growth, aging facilities, and new methods in education and instruction, many school facilities are in need of modernization, expansion and simply repair and maintenance. Rodriguez Park has been involved in a number of school renovation projects for San Diego Unified School District involving facilities programming and planning to survey and analysis, building design and documentation, and construction administration. The modernization projects include facility expansion and renovation, joint use field/recreation facilities development, and common building repairs.

Partial list of SDUSD projects:

-- America’s Finest Charter School Master Plan
-- Curie Elementary School Joint Use Field
-- Decatur Elementary School Roof Repairs
-- Ericson Elementary School Modernization and Repairs
-- Hickman Elementary School Modernization and Repairs
-- Holmes Elementary School Joint Use Field
-- McKinley Elementary School Deck Expansion and Repairs
-- Pacific Beach Elementary School Portables Relocation
-- Paradise Hills Elementary School Joint Use Field
-- Walker Child Development Center Canopy Repairs

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