Scripps Anderson Outpatient Pavilion

  • La Jolla, California
  • Scripps Health

Project completed by Rodriguez Park Architecture and Planning

The existing Hematology-Oncology department of 3,700 square feet was extremely crowded to meet current needs—almost 20 percent less than the optimal projected space—and all projections indicated greater volumes of utilization in the near future. With Scripps' new expansion program, the department wanted to secure as many patient exam/treatment stations as possible to create a pleasant healing environment, and to streamline patient flow for more efficient operation and patient comport by adding to and consolidating scattered support spaces into one cohesive unit.

The department is organized into three groups by function and procedure type—Clinic, Infusion Center and Treatment Center. An open-bay concept is employed to maximize the number of patient stations with smaller stations without sacrificing visual and psychological spaciousness; to enhance visual monitoring from nurse stations; and to bring natural light and wonderful views to as many patient stations as possible, since the clinic building adjoins and overlooks the magnificent Torrey Pines PGA Golf Course and Pacific Ocean. The largest unit, the Treatment Center in which patients stay several hours for therapy sessions, is placed at the north end of the floor to take full advantage of the two sides open to outside views.

To enhance patient privacy and comfort in an open plan, elaborate dividing walls between stations have been created—enough to screen patients from seeing each other, while still open to natural light and views.

A Satellite Pharmacy was created and placed in the middle point between two Infusion Centers for convenient delivery of IV products. Also, a compact but elegantly furnished Patient Education/Library is created and placed across the main waiting area for counseling, research and meetings for patients and family members.

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