Sharp Training Center

  • San Diego, California
  • Sharp Health

Demolishing the entire interior space, the new Sharp Training Center will provide Sharp Health training for all staff and members.

On the second floor of Suite D, tenant improvements of Sharp Training Center include extensive interior improvements to the elevator lobby, existing restrooms, and floor space. The new facility for Sharp Health provides a training center for all staff including doctors, nurses and admin, as they adapt to a new software program.

Wayfinding was significant criteria for Sharp Health as the large training center space includes 18 training rooms, social areas, an elevator lobby, and breakrooms. In addition to signage, colors were added to each room to make it easy for the users to identify which room they are assigned to. The ease of flow and circulation inside the space was delivered by creating looped corridors to reduce the traffic in multiple spaces. Natural light was maximized given the use and space planning.

Project Specs

Building Area:16,694 sqft

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